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This site aims to provide you with a brief
introduction to Freemasonry.

It will give you an overview of the principles, history, lodges and activity of the Freemasons in Scotland and in particular our charitable work.

Presentations made to our Lodge 2012


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L to R :- , Bro. Kenneth Dalzell PM, IM / Bro. Norman Carnegy SPGM / Bro. Iain Keltie RWM / Bro. James Baker PM 177 HM 88
Bro. Ian Carson PM, IM


BANNER 25/12/2012

BANNER 25/12/2012

Banner presented to NMM 88 on annual Installation day 25/12/2012 by Partick St. Mary's Lodge 117.


Set of gavels presented to MMM 88 by Bro. David Morrison PM on our day of Installation 25/12/2012.

The gavels manufactured from the famous "Bruce Oak"


Gavel presented to NMM 88 on the 11/09/2012 by Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067.


1 The Open Season is from 1st January until 31st December.

2 The “Travelling Gavel” can only be “captured” by Sister Lodges from the Monklands area.

3 To capture the “Travelling Gavel” a visiting Lodge must take a Deputation of at least 10 members into the Lodge who currently hold it. The visiting Lodge can only count the Brethren entering as a Deputation. Members of the visiting Lodge already present within the holding Lodge prior to the Deputation entering will not count.

4 Each member of the visiting Lodge will be requested to contribute 50 pence to the “Travelling Gavel Kitty” prior to the Brother heading the deputation claiming, and hence capturing the “Travelling Gavel”.

5 In the event of two or more visiting Deputations, with at least 10 Brethren visiting the “Holding Lodge”, the Lodge with the larger Deputation will have first claim on the “Travelling Gavel”, this of course being subject to making their payment to the “Kitty”. If two or more Lodges happen to turn up on the evening with the same number of Brethren, both Deputations will be requested to contribute to the “Kitty”, the “Holding Master” will then decide who will capture the “Travelling Gavel”.

6 The Lodge who captures the “Travelling Gavel”, will be required to inform the Bro. Secretary of New Monkland Montrose Lodge No. 88 immediately of it’s new location, together with the accruing sum within the  “Kitty”, this information will then be

made available on our website. Interested Lodges will then have the opportunity to participate in the future capture of the “Travelling Gavel”.


7 The “Kitty” will require to accompany the “Travelling Gavel”.

The RWM or a nominated Bro. of the “Holding Lodge” will have the responsibility of the safe custody of the “Travelling Gavel” and the “Kitty”.

8 The ”Holding Lodge” at the 31st December, will have gained the privilege of determining whatever charity, masonic or otherwise, that they wish the Kitty to be donated, the monies being presented as soon as possible after that date. A photograph of the presentation should be taken at that time for circulation.

9 The intended purpose of the “Travelling Gavel” is to promote good-hearted rivalry between Sister Lodges within the Monklands area, at the same time raising charity funding.

Its capture is warmly commended, thus creating cheerful and fraternal fun for all who take part.

Download the Full Rules Here


Capturing Lodge   Airdrie St. John No.166    Coltswood Glenboig No.1067

Capture Date    24 April 2013      1 May 2013

Charity Fund    £12.00       £5.00

Charity Fund Total  £27.50

Just one week after Bro. Jackie Lang RWM and his deputation from Lodge 166

captured the Travelling Gavel from Bro. Colin Lees RWM @ Lodge 203,

Bro. Joe Speirs RWM Lodge 1067 and his deputation turned up @ Lodge 166

and relieved Bro. Jackie of his 'short lived' guardianship of the gavel.

Congratulations to all three Lodges so far taking  part and putting their effort into

capturing our Travelling Gavel, where will it travel to next! 

The ‘Travelling Gavel’ has now been captured, the details of which are as follows :-

Capturing Lodge   Operative Lodge of Airdrie No.203

Capture Date   28 January 2013

Charity Fund    £10.50

The next Lodge wishing to ’Capture’, will require to visit Lodge 203 with a minimum of 10 No. Brethren within their deputation.

Who can relieve OLA No. 203 of their trophy?