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New Monkland Montrose Lodge 88

This site aims to provide you with a brief
introduction to Freemasonry.

It will give you an overview of the principles, history, lodges and activity of the Freemasons in Scotland and in particular our charitable work.

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2018 News Part 2

PM Bro. Tom Reid was presented Grand Honoury Rank of Jeweller 15/05/2021

Yesterday Saturday 15th May. I had the pleasure and honour, to presant PM Tom Orrick Reid lodge New Monkland Montrose 88 his honorary grand rank jewel of Jeweller and certificate.

The other two recipients invited along, Bro George Randall treasurer of Lodge Caldercruix St John's 1314 honorary grand treasurer.

PM Ian Magowan almoner of lodge Woodhall St John 305 honorary grand almoner.

PM Allan McLaren Hutton Secretary of 1314 also received his new post in grand Lodge of scotland, the post of Steward.

RWM John Gray

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Charity Cheque 2022

Presented by Bro. Iain Keltie PM (L) & Bro. John Gray RWM ®

Proceeds of collection at our recent successful 2022 'Airdrie Lodges Annual Divine Service'

held within Masonic Temple, Broomknoll Street.

Presented to St. Andrews Hospice as requested by Bro. Rev. Jim Murphy NMM88 who

conducted the Service.