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This site aims to provide you with a brief
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It will give you an overview of the principles, history, lodges and activity of the Freemasons in Scotland and in particular our charitable work.

News Updates


" Our special meeting of 09 April 2018 was held to enable two very important pieces of business to be carried out.

My son, Martin Mason was accepted into Free Masonry. He received an excellent EA Degree, conferred by our very own Past Masters Deputation degree team, which was headed on this memorable occasion by our oldest attending Past Master Bro. Ian McIndoe.

The evening was further enhanced, when I had the great pleasure of presenting Bro. Thomas Orrick Reid PM, with the certificate of 'Distinguished Service Membership' to Free Masonry.

A fine deputation from PGL of Lanarkshire Middle Ward, were in attendance  to witness the events, which was lead by Bro. Bill Perry RWPGM.

Our Charity fund raising, was augmented on the evening by raising the sum of £516.00, which was greatly assisted by the generous donation of the Buffet being supplied by Mrs Margaret Reid.

Lodge Past Masters presented a gallon bottle of whisky, to me. This will be utilised in future fund raising events throughout the year.

Both myself, and son Martin, will always remember this very special evening of our Masonic careers"

Bro. Bill Perry RWPGM, Bro. Thomas Orrick Reid PM, Bro. Kenneth W. Mason RWM

Bro. Bill Perry RWPGM, Bro. Ian McIndoe PM, Bro. Kenneth W. Mason RWM

Bro. Bill Perry RWPGM, Bro Martin Mason EA, Bro. Kenneth W. Mason RWM,

Bro. Ian McIndoe PM

Bro. Thomas Orrick Reid PM


Our annual Ceremony of Installation will be held within our new

premises on Friday 30th November 2018. Lodge will tyle at 06:30pm

Charity Event

"Shorts and Shades" charity fund raiser, will be held within Lodge 203 on

Saturday 30 June 2018 @ 07:30pm, Tickets priced at £12.00

2018 News Part 1


Apparently by coincidence, this fine body of RWM's & WSW, decided to visit Lodge No.1314, all on the same evening to witness a FC degree being conferred, must have been well advertised!

L to R  Bro. Kenny Mason RWM NMM Lodge No. 88, Bro. Gordon McLeod RWM Coltswood Glenboig Lodge No.1067, Bro. Jim Paisley WSW Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203, Bro. Pringle Johnstone RWM Caldercruix St. John Lodge No.1314, Bro.Craig Gibson RWM Lodge Airdrie St. John No.166, Bro David Stewart RWM, Bro. Colin Lees RWM Lodge Fleur de Lys No.1722

           VISITATION BY LODGE ALEXANDER NO. 1282       09/04/2018



On this occasion Bro. Martin Mason. our RWM's son, received his high sublime degree of Master Mason which was conferred upon him by the degree team from Lodge Alexander.

A very memorable evening for both "Father & Son"

L to R    Bro. Chris Henderson RWM Lodge Scotia No. 178, Bro. Frank Cameron Lodge Alexander No. 1282,

Bro. Martin Mason, Bro Kenny Mason RWM NMM Lodge No. 88, Bro. Charlie How RWM Lodge Springburn No. 1198, Bro. John Dunn RWM

PARTICK ST. MARYS LODGE No. 117     02/05/2018



Our RWM Bro. Kenny Mason, visited our very good friends at Lodge No. 177, on this occasion to receive Honorary membership, which was bestowed on himself by RWM Bro. Graeme Cameron. also in photo is RWM of Lodge 1523 who also received the high honour along with Bro. Kenny on the evening.


Some snap-shots of our studious brethren visiting GLOS during their advertised

                      "Open Day", the day out being organised by Bro. John Gray WJW.

          All were accompanied with there respective wives/ partners, a great day out

                   enjoyed by all, culminated with nice food and ample refreshments.

Bro. Andy and Bro. John in deep discussion, maybe deciding who to invite on the next outing!

L to R Bro. Andy McCulloch PM along with our RWM Bro. Kenny Mason, centre is RWM Bro. Jim Paisley (Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203) who they met during their tour of GLOS

Bro. Alex McCartney PM Secretary, appearing to recall his time on the chair.

Bro Derek King, first time sitting in the chair of King Solomon, obviously looking to the future.

Bro. Andy McCulloch PM, maybe contemplating going forward to lead our Lodge once more!


Our visiting German brethren, from no less than 8-lodges visited ourselves in Airdrie, this being a reciprocal trip organised by Bro. Olaf Dankert, Bro. Stefan Stauch and Bro. Bobby Gaines.

Can you spot Bro. Iain RWM & Bro. Kenny WSW in the photo?

No idea how the WSW's from Lodge 177 & 203 managed to get "centre stage" other side of Bro. Jan Savarino!


A trip around Rosslyn Chapel during the day, followed by a FC degree conferred by NMM 88 on the Friday evening, was followed, with a demonstration of German FC degree conferred by Loge Gallei - 810 on the following Saturday afternoon.

Continuing into Saturday evening, an excellent Ceilidh was performed and produced by Bro. Adrian Hannah assisted Bro. David Hannah, who was accompanied by his sister, Ms Amy Hannah. Our German brothers, wives and partners, experienced, and indeed enjoyed, a very memorable evening



Galilei - 810 A (ACGL), Kaiserslautern | Friedrich zur Vaterlandsliebe - 278, Koblenz |Zum Tempel der Freundschaft - 418, Bingen | Die Freunde zur Eintracht, Mainz | Ludwigshafen Die Freunde zur Eintracht, Mainz | Zur Freimütigkeit am Rhein - 225, Frankental  | Zur Freundschaft an der Haardt - 519, Neustadt | Bruderkette zur Stärke und Schönheit - 131, Saarbrucken




Our 'First Foots' invited to NMM inaugural meeting, held within the temple at

Broomknoll Street, Airdrie, were our good friends and brothers from Partick St. Marys Lodge No.117.

                    Bro. Stuart received a full & excellent EA Degree, conferred by their  

         Degree Team, headed on this memorable occasion by Bro. James Harkness PM.

     L to R  Bro. Kenny Mason RWM, Bro. Stuart Sanderson, Bro. Graeme Cameron RWM

2018 News Part 2

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